Neema: ” Yoga first came into my life when I was going through a difficult phase of my life, when Yoga helped me to pass by peacefully. Yoga taught me what exactly the word ‘Yoga’ means, it’s about how you deal with different kind of situations, are you able to surrender, to accept even if the outcome is not what you had in mind? This is where true yoga comes to life. This is what I love about yoga and bring into my classes: Flow. Breath. Awareness. Love and Peace. For me yoga has been a way to find peace within myself. I belong to India where the roots of yoga lie. My native languages are Hindi and English but can speak and understand Dutch as a good level.

To further my journey, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in October 2017 in Den Haag. I started teaching right away and love sharing yoga that has enriched my life with others.

In my own style of teaching I very much emphasise that asana itself isn’t the goal of a yoga practice. Asana combined with the proper breathing technique and a focus that turns inward is very powerful tool that results in generating both a flow of energy and a very deep calm and focussed awareness at the same time.”

I give Gentle Hatha Yoga every Wednesday evening and Ashtanga Yoga every Thursday evening.